Thursday, January 22, 2009


Stark Health Care Reform

A recent exhaustive comparison of various health reform proposals projected that the number of uninsured in the United States will rise to 48.9 million people in 2010 out of a total estimated population of 306.9 million; 15.9 percent of the total population will be uninsured. Among the plans analyzed, the study estimates that up to 48.9 million uninsured could be covered—under a bill proposed by Representative Pete Stark (D–Calif.).

Representative Pete Stark's (D–Calif.) "AmeriCare Health Care Act of 2007" (H.R. 1841) and Senator Edward Kennedy (D–Mass.) and Representative John Dingell's (D–Mich.) "Medicare for All Act" (S. 1218 and H.R. 2034)

Creates a new public health insurance program administered by the federal government to provide everyone with multiple choices for health coverage. Under the Stark bill (H.R. 1841), employers would either offer their employees coverage or pay into a fund to cover their employees through the new public program. Under the Kennedy and Dingell bills (S. 1218 and H.R. 2034), employers and their employees would help finance the expansion through new payroll taxes.

Estimates of Coverage and Costs in 2010 (Rep. Stark's bill)

Number of uninsured covered

48.9 million

Remaining uninsured


Total health spending

($58.1 billion) savings


$188.5 billion

State and local

($83.6 billion) savings


$61.5 billion


($224.5 billion) savings

The comparison of all the major plans before Congress

shows the STARK approach covers the most people

for the least money.

If this is socialism, GET OVER IT!!


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