Sunday, February 22, 2009

Today in Gay History

Happy Birthday, George Washington 1732-1799

No, there is NO evidence that George was gay. Here's the connection à la Six Degrees of Separation.

George was born on Feb.22, 1732, in VIRGINIA. As a matter of fact in his mind his actual birthday was on Feb. 11. The calendar was changed in 1752, going from the Julian to the Gregorian. Pope Gregory XIII caused a lot of confusion when he mandated people finally adapt to the fact there are actually 365¼ days in a year. Now this Pope Gregory was neither more or less gay than most popes,

An Episcopal priest in Richmond, Virginia named Edward Meeks "Pope" Gregory (1922–1995) conducted the first gay marriage ceremony in Richmond, Virginia in August 1978. Virginia, the home state of George Washington, who was also nominally a member of the Anglican church, having been christened thereinto as a child. Since no picture of "Pope" Gregory was available, we celebrate the rearranged birthday of that other Virginian, George Washington.


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