Saturday, March 7, 2009

Obama Will Reverse Bush’s

Stem-Cell Restrictions

H/T to our friends at From The Left:

With a single executive action by President Obama, American scientific research is set to join the 21st century — already nearly a decade late.

On Monday, President Obama will announce he is reversing the Bush administration limits on Federal financing for embryonic stem cell research as part of a pledge to separate science and politics, White House officials said Friday.

As a presidential candidate, Mr. Obama said he was in favor of stem cell research, so his intention to remove the restrictions put in place by former President George Bush is confirmation of his commitment to evolving 21st century science and the medical applications to treat and even prevent a myriad of diseases and conditions.

Embryonic stem cells are capable of developing into any type of cell in the body and scientists believe that they may one day be able to provide tissues to replace worn-out organs or nonfunctioning cells and, thus, offer powerful new treatments for everything from diabetes, to heart disease, Parkinson’s disease and HIV. Some researchers say the stem cells may even be used someday to treat catastrophic injuries like brain and spinal cord injuries.


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