Thursday, March 12, 2009

Transgendered Folk Marginalized Again

H/T to Mimi for the inspiration:

Jennifer Gale was a homeless transgender activist found dead on the streets of Austin Texas in December 2008.

The story of her sad demise here from
the Austin press:

Austin icon and perennial mayoral candidate Jennifer Gale was found dead Wednesday morning.

Gale was known as a quirky Austin personality. She ran for mayor several times, and had already filed paperwork in the 2009 race.

Gale’s body was found outside the First English Lutheran Church, 3001 Whitis Avenue, which is north of the UT campus between Guadalupe Street and Speedway Street. Firefighters received a call around 7:30 a.m., and crews preformed CPR for 30 to 45 minutes without any response.

Austin EMS Director Ernie Rodriquez said Gale died from cardiac arrest. While they are not certain, EMS workers believe cold may have been a contributing factor.

The transgendered formerly homeless marine last sought the mayoral seat in 2006, where, according to City records, she gained 6.7 percent of the vote.

See this link for story of how marginalized transgender people are: The television stations in Minneapolis-St. Paul completely missed the transgender angle where the offensive "flyer" stated the blood drive was to be held at the "Jennifer Gale Church."

planetransgender: "Jennifer Gale" blood drive Twin Cities Criminal Defames Gay and Transexual people


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