Friday, May 8, 2009

Is the Republican Conservative Party dead?

Among Crapaud's favorite quirky commentors are twin brothers J.F.P.D. Malin and J.E.P.D Malin who reside in south Louisiana and have been jointly writing sharp criticism and commentary for several years in local newspapers.

With the collapse of more than six trillion dollars of wealth in this society, the criminal business enterprise of the so-called "Conservative" Republican party has lost favor with the American people.

It took this dramatic loss of wealth to awake the American people to the fraud of the last forty years. The question we should ask is, Why did it take so long?

The Republican party was built on ignorance of science, hatred of women, gays and Blacks, and religious dupery (Baptist & Roman Catholic, essentially). It became the party of fools, outlaws and common criminals (who love guns and shooting human beings). It was fed by nasty corporate commercial interests; essentially, the oil & gas industry. Naturally, it is the new form of the KKK.

We remember when the Republican Party was honorable and dignified, and highly intellectual. It was not ideologically driven. The party cannot redeem itself. It should die. A new party based on the newer constitutional needs of the 21st century should take its place.

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