Monday, June 8, 2009

My Thoughts, Exactly


Guest Blog by: Waymon Hudson

President of, blogging from Bilerico Project

It's not the first time I've seen it, 1.L._AA240_.jpgbut for some reason it jumped out at me in a recent press release I was reading from some nutty, fundie, right-wing group (insert some combination of "America" "Traditional" and "Family" and you'll get the name of the group- they're all the same to me at this point):

We must stop their efforts to homosexualize the troops.

Really? "Homosexualize"? When did a sexual orientation become a verb? I guess I shouldn't expect too much from groups that can't spell "marriage" in their TV commercials, but come on...

I've made my dislike for the word "homosexual" very clear. I think it is the new, acceptable form of "faggot" and it always makes me angry. I'm sure that played into why the word jumped out at me.

That and the fact that it sounds completely ludicrous and made up.

Words like this feed into the idea that sexual orientation is something that is mutable. If you can "homosexualize" others and institutions, then it must be a choice. It's a not-so-subtle swipe at gay people, meant to breed fear of a subversive, militaristic, "gay agenda" that is seeping into the lives of God-fearing Americans.

I'm sure some brilliant fundie will soon turn the word into an adverb: "Homosexually." Hmmm, can we use it in a sentence? "The man walks very homosexually."

Wait, that's probably been said about me. But I digress...

These lazy buzzwords for the right are simply meant to invoke guttural reactions about "otherness." Someone different from you, and therefore dangerous, is going to invade your lives and beloved institutions, SO BEWARE! It's a desperate need to invoke fear about the LGBT community so they can excuse their small-minded bigotry and lack of logic.

And raise funds to line their pockets.

So continue to make up words to explain being on the wrong side of equality, fairness, and justice, right-wingers. While you're wrapped up in your hate, I'll be off to do some more homosexualizing...

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