Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Anniversary
To My Norman

~~~~ My Partner, Sweetheart, Confidante, Comforter
my Husband, and my truest and dearest Friend. You are my best Inspiration.

You are my biggest Grin, heartiest Laugh,
Deepest Sigh and sole Contentment.

The Highest Highs
would not be worth remembering
without You.

The Lowest Lows
would have long ago become unbearable
were You not here to lighten their burden.

You are my best Refuge, and
I could hide myself away from the world
with You alone
and never miss any other part of it.

I renew my promise to always
Love you Big As the Moon,
Twice as High, and



  1. I am an old broken down math teacher and I approach words like I do math; direct and to the point. I wish I could write something as beautiful as your tribute to Norman for my lovely Jean. Your words speak volumes about your union with Norman. My daughter and her partner have been together (20 years) longer than any of their straight siblings. Like you they understand commitment. Happy Anniversary.

  2. What a touching post! My name is Tom and I have a podcast called Ramble Redhead where I interview members of the GLBT community and our allies and I would LOVE to talk with you for my show.