Sunday, July 19, 2009

Stand Out Story of the Week

Signe Wilkinson in the Philadelphia Daily News



  1. Just a quick question, what is crapaud and how is it pronounced? Guess that's 2 questions, but we desert rats in Eastern Oregon don't hear much French or Creole or Cajun. I suppose that you will tell me the term is found in every dictionary if I would just open the book.

  2. No, friend Dan, I shall tell you simply that it's French for "toad." Its pronounced phonetically like "Crop-oh" It bespeaks my French, Acadian-Cajun, Creole heritage, as well as my sometime nickname "The Toad" a bestowed upon me by my best friend, a Vermonter who is often put out with my toadish ways.

  3. Thank you. Also thank you for calling me friend. It seems that we see eye to eye on many things. If it weren't for my lesbian daughter I would probably be one of those small town knee jerk liberals who thinks gays should be given all the rights that we straights have, just so long as they don't move in next door. Thanks to her and folks like you I kinda understand the problems we all face. I pray for the time when the only label we apply to a person is friend. Thank you for your words,friend.