Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Let America Be America Again

The more things CHANGE.....

Let America Be America Again A POEM BY


Lincoln said, "We must disenthrall ourselves,
and then we shall save our country."

Meaning, snap to, pay attention

Lest you lose your moment to act.

But of all the days of my life

This might be the one to enthrall.

To stand for an hour, transfixed, awed, engaged

By a movement to greatness.

Where we can feel the transcendence

Of the past toward the mature moment

Of finding in ourselves the capacity to create,

To make new, to be brilliant.

Today let us stop and consider

How we didn't stop growing,

How we thought and acted anew,

How we challenged ourselves,

And, unlead, WE lead

And found a way forward,

To bring a young man

To the Capitol steps

This electric and enthralling morning,

And seek in him a reflection

Of the greatness in us.

So, 71 years later, a new young man brings hope
to the capitol steps, and once again, we can be enthralled!


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